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Cattle Closes Week in Red -

Live cattle futures were mixed on Friday. Futures closed 30 cents lower in Jun contracts, and 12 to 17 cents higher in Feb and April futures.

Cattle Market is Mixed at Midday -

Early action in the cattle market is moving futures is both directions, as live cattle are up by as much as 37 cents, and show a loss of 20 cents in

Cattle Market Slumps To Test Chart Support -

Live cattle were also down by triple digits at the closing bell on Thursday as futures fell by $1.50 to $2.60 in the nearbys. Feeder cattle futures

Triple Digit Fallback in Cattle Market -

Feeder cattle futures ended the Thursday session with losses of $2.50 to $2.77 in the front months. Jan feeder futures were down by $1.15, and with

Thursday Cattle Lower at Midday -

Live cattle futures are lower so far, with April futures down by triple digits. Front month feeder cattle futures are continuing some of

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